Thursday, October 21, 2010

An unexpected visit

Hi, everybody! It's been a busy few days here at Casa del Dani and yesterday was the first chance I've had to get online since Sunday. It's amazing how quickly you can fall behind on blogs that you regularly follow if you're away for a couple of days but I think that I've finally caught up.

My stepson and his wife went back on the road yesterday morning after visiting with us here for the last couple of days. This visit came as a sudden but pleasant suprise to us, they live quite a ways away from us and although his job sometimes brings him near where we live it's not very often that he can shoe horn a visit into his schedule. The last time that we'd seen them was back in March, and we probably won't see them again this year.

One of the topics of discussion was, as usual, our moving down where they live. They've done pretty well for themselves since they've been there. From what we've been told there are decent jobs, rents are cheap and people are friendly, but...

And there always is a but isn't there?!?

But the state in question is known for being racist, homophobic, transphobic, backward, closed minded, evangelical, bible belt. Probably one of the worst places that you could ever attempt to transition. The odds are pretty good that transitioning there would land me on next year's TDOR list! Whatever other medical/psycological issues that I may have, such as depression, social anxiety, and of course GID, a martyr complex isn't one of them!

I know that in the end I may have to leave NH to find a better future but I doubt it's in that place. I don't think I'm moving there anytime soon.

Dani xxx


Amy K. said...

Hmmm, sounds like Alabama, Mississippi or Louisiana? I would stay far away from those. Georgia can be nice if you live in Atlanta, but beware outside the city. Otherwise, I've had no problems at all in Tucson (four months now). Nikki and I hold hands all the time, and sometimes we get a random bemused person who looks at us for a few seconds, but that's it.

Dani said...

Hi, Amy! A bit further north, but you've got the idea. Bonus points for mentioning 4 other states, or parts of, that would be best to steer clear of! New Orleans or Baton Rouge may possibly be okay, too, but I doubt that you'd want to be out in the bayou country!

Most of the dozen or so states where this would potentially be a problem are in the south, although I doubt that either Kansas or Nebraska are much better. After all, WBC is in Kansas and Brandon Teena was in Nebraska.

I'm glad that you've been able to settle in in Tuscon without any trouble, at least not from that, anyway. The western states seem to be a bit more accepting, or at least more willing, to just let you live your life. New England tends to be that way, too, not that it's a cakewalk here, or anywhere for that matter.

Dani xxx