Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shooting Sacred Cows

Okay, I've tried, I've really, REALLY tried! I've tried to avoid shooting what some in the community may consider sacred cows, but I just can't remain silent about this any longer! Anyone who has no interest in a somewhat long, drawn out, political rant may want to take a pass on this post.

In the interest of full disclosure I could perhaps be best described politicaly as an independent liberal conservative libertarian. None of the parties fit what I want, so every 2 years I have to make an agonizing compromise to decide who I'm going to vote for. Yesterday, Helen Boyd, whom I have the deepest respect for, asked the question ''Why Dems?'', which is the same question that I've been asking myself. To answer this question, I have to ask myself ''Am I better off now than I was 2 years ago?'', and, sadly, my answer to that is a resounding ''NO!''. 2 years ago I had a job, today I don't, 2 years ago my bills were up to date, today they're not, 2 years ago I wasn't rich, but I lived pretty well and I always had at least some money, today I don't, 2 years ago my plans were made and my transition was moving forward, today, my transition is stalled exactly where it was 2 years ago. Needless to say, this hopey changey thing hasn't worked out too well for me!

Rather than do the one thing that EVERYONE wanted the Dems to do, FIX THE DAMN ECONOMY, they chose to dither around for OVER A YEAR on a so-called ''Health Care Reform'' that will do nothing to help anyone, trans or otherwise, even if it survives the present court challenges intact, which I doubt. The repeal of DADT, promised 2 years ago, was shot down, the long awaited ENDA is stuck in commitee, and repeal of the DOMA isn't even on the radar. All of these things could have been done anytime after Al Franken took office because the dems had a SUPER MAJORITY and the GOP couldn't stop them! All 3 will remain a ''goddamn pipe dream'' after January as none of them will see the light of day for at least the next generation!

I honestly think that some in the GBLT must have something similar to Battered Spouse Syndrome! The Dems promise us the moon long enough to get our money and votes, and then promptly forget or ignore those promises until the next election cycle, when they tell us that it'll all be different this time. Wash, rinse, repeat. And the GBLT fall for it EVERY SINGLE TIME! Barney Frank, the very picture of a rich, white, gay male, would love nothing better than for poor gays and lesbians of color, and all trans, to crawl back into the closet, shut the door, and shut up. The Dem party is NOT our friends or our allies! Say what you will about the GOP, and there's plenty to say, you've got to at least respect them for their honesty. They don't like us, they don't support us, and they don't blow smoke up our asses telling us otherwise.

DADT, ENDA, DOMA, health care, and the economy are just the begining of the massive incompetence that the Dems have shown! There's also cap and trade, which, if ever passed, will make utility costs skyrocket and will finish the job of destroying the US economy, the gross mismanagement of the Gulf oil spill, the failure to defend our southern border, and the foreign policy blunders which has weakened America, emboldened our enemies, and harmed our friends. The only thing that they seem to have actually done right is withdrawing from Iraq, but, PLEASE, don't tell them that or they'll find a way to screw that up, too!

Now, don't misunderstand me, I don't like the GOP either! True conservatisim left that party long ago and I doubt that those clowns can drive the clown car in the D.C. circus any better than the clowns who are driving it now, but at this point they couldn't possibly do much worse!

Dani xxx


Melissa said...

I understand the frustration that many Americans feel with their government. I feel it too. But I think we need be a little more realistic. No government can work instant miracles.

By the way, Franken was prevented from taking office for over six months, by his opponents election challenge. It was a deliberate Republican tactic to deprive the Democrats of the super majority the electorate gave them in the 2008 election. By the time Franken took office, Congress was about to go into their month long summer recess. After that, there wasn't much time left to get anything done, and by the next year they had lost their super majority. Blame the arcane rules of the Senate, that require 60 votes to pass any budget related legislation, and the Republicans for cynically blocking nearly everything the Dems have tried to do.

It was mainly irresponsible Republican Bankers and Wall Street brokers who, dug the enormous hole our economy is in. It will take years if not decades to climb out of it. There was no way in the world that the Democrats were going to be able to repair the horrible damage done in less than two years. They have instituted new regulations preventing the banks and Wall Street from repeating their casino like practices, that the Republicans would love to repeal if they came back in power. Were it not for the president's stimulus plan, many thousands more would be out of work. The Democrats aren't the greatest to be sure, but they are best chance we have. Giving control back over to greedy irresponsible laissez-faire
Republicans, or insanely idiotic Tea Baggers is a recipe for ruin.

Melissa XX

Common Teri said...

I agree with Melissa here 100%. It took 8 years to dig this hole and we shouldn't expect to fill it in 2.

Leslie Ann said...

Also consider that the Dems don't have the discipline to stick together like the Repubs. A super majority is meaningless if the Blue Dogs decide to vote with the other side of the aisle.

Not that I'm trying to sway you. Just shooting a small hole in your thinking.