Friday, October 8, 2010

A big hug and a thank you!

I've been so frustrated by what I thought was the apparent inability of anyone being able to see my posts that I totally unpluged and took some Dani down time today.
I had originally decided that I would check in on this blog tomorrow but later changed my mind on a whim and decided to check it just before bed. After all, changing your mind is a woman's perogitive, isn't it?
And, low and behold, someone other than me left a couple of comments!
I'm sending you a big transatlantic hug, Caroline! Thank you so much for your kind comments and thank you for joining my ever growing list of followers, I think that I have 3 now! Someday I'll figure out how join followers lists from this phone!
If all's gone well everyone should be able to see me now!
Well, It's getting late here, I'm going to bed!

Dani XXX


Caroline said...

Hi Dani, You would have a few more comments once you get into the settings for the blog, not everyone can get on as this message from Melissa shows.


I can't comment on Dani's blog. She has her blog on the default settings, and the default for Blogger is the embedded comment box, that is incompatible with my system. If you ask her to change her comment settings to either the pop up window, or separate comment window, then I will be able to communicate with her. It's a shame, because there are so many blogs I would love to comment on, but I can't because of their default settings.

Melissa XX

Hope this helps. Caroline xxx

Dani said...

Hi, Caroline! Yes, that was very helpful, thank you again, hun! The problem should be fixed now!
I could give you a whole list of blogs where I have the exact same problem that Melissa describes. I simply can't leave comments!
Once again, THANK YOU!!!

Dani xxx

Melissa said...

Hi Dani!

Thanks for changing your comment settings. I don't know why some systems don't work with Blogger's default setting for comments, but it seems to have something to do with wireless connections. I have am I-Mac but I use a wireless USB modem to connect to the internet. When I had a dial-up connection it wasn't a problem, but dial-up was so slow, it took forever for pages to load in. I live in a rural area, with no access to high speed cable, so wireless is my best option. As soon as I switched to wireless, I could no longer post a comment on any blog that used the embedded comment box format.

I'll bet you are awash in color up in N.H. about now. If you can figure out how to post a picture from you phone, give us all a glimpse!

Thanks for you kind comments on my blog!

Melissa XX

Dani said...

Hi, melissa! You're probably right about the wireless connections. I'm in a more or less semi rural area not too far from a couple of small cities, but then most of the cities here aren't really that large. I could get high speed here but I just can't afford that or a proper computer at this time. Sigh! Maybe someday!
I don't think that we're quite at peak color yet but we should be very soon, like within the next week or so. We're expecting our first frost here tonight. Time to pull the AC out of the window! It's crazy, 2 weeks ago it was almost 90 here! I'll have to get out and get some pics taken. I'll figure it out sooner or later, maybe if I email the pics to myself and then post the email as an attachment on my blog? :-D

Dani xxx