Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My opinion...for what it's worth

I'm taking a brief pause from my backstory to address something that I said in that post.
The issue of defining oneself and others in the CD/TG/TS community is one that rarely fails to see virtual inkwells fly, whistles blow, and tempers flair. For some reason Humans seem to be hardwired with the need to catagorize ourselves and place everyone inside neat little boxes, these boxes rarely fit, though. I tend to identify as HUMAN because I don't feel that I meet the criteria to describe myself as a meat popsicle! Sadly, that description isn't enough and more is required.
My own definitions are for my own purpose and are in no way any attempt to catogorize anyone but myself or to push any kind of political agenda. IMHO, CD means that you are driven to dress but are otherwise content with your birth sex and gender. TG means that you are unhappy with your birth sex and gender and are trying to do something about it. This would describe those who are going through counciling and are undergoing HRT but are not currently surgery tracked. TS would describe those who are on HRT and are surgery tracked, or would be if they were able to be. None of these groups are self contained and there is a good deal of grey area in between them, with a fair ammount of shifting back and forth.
By these definitions I consider myself to be Transgender because... well, because I can! You don't get to define me, I reserve that right for myself, and by the same token I don't get the right do define you, either.
Okay, have at it!

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Caroline said...

Hi Dani,

Just to let you know that if I don't comment so much it is because I steer clear of the places tainted by Anne and her bulling attacks on other commentators like Melissa.

She has made her point but insists on spoiling everyone else's blogs. This seemed a suitable post to make this note.

Caroline XXX