Sunday, October 10, 2010

A problem fixed, an unexpected affirmation, and autumn

Hi, everyone! As per Melissa's suggestion I reset my comments section from Blogger's default yesterday. I would encourage anyone who hasn't done so yet to do so.
Yesterday afternoon my wife and I had some shopping to do so we went to a strip mall in one of the larger communities near where we live. While we were there we also decided to look around in some of the other stores there, including a well known women's clothing store. Now keep in mind that my presentation was in keeping with what would be considered Saturday casual. Jeans and t-shirt, sneekers, earrings, no necklace, no rings or bracelets, no makeup, and only clear nail hardener, hair pulled back in a pony tail. We walk into the women's store that I mentioned and the sales girl behind the counter says ''Good afternoon, ladies, can I help you?'' :-D I love it when that happens! I was walking on air for the rest of the day!
The weather has turned quite chilly here in the last few days, autumn has finally arrived in New England! It's been suggested that I should take some folliage pictures and post them here, and I will do that if I can figure out how! I'm on a learning curve so please bear with me!
Well, I'm going to go cook breakfast now, I'm thinking French Toast with lots of Mapley goodness! :-D

Dani xxx


Gin said...

Happy to add you blog to my list, Dani!

Dani said...

Thank you for following me, Gin, it's a pleasure to have you here! Thank you also to Melissa and Caroline and anyone else who is following me!

Dani xxx