Saturday, October 30, 2010

Goodbye, Veronica

Please excuse me if this post isn't totally coherent, I'm trying to write it through my tears. I had a different post for today, one that I'm pretty sure will provoke some thought. That intention went out the window after read Veronica's last post to her blog. I'll put it up eventually, just not now.

Her's was the very first blog that I found when I was seeking out others like myself on the internet, way back shortly after she first started, when she still called it ''TransCanada''. I've followed her story ever since. It was through her blog that I found Lori D's blog, and then T-Central and all of you. Without Veronica, I wouldn't even be here today! I will miss her deeply, her words have guided me through some very dark times and continue to inspire me. I am truly greatful that she chose to share her journey to womanhood with all of us and I'm glad that she will leave her words as a guiding light through the darkness for those who come after.

I've had the deep, sinking feeling for awhile now that she would be making this move soon, as her story of transition was reaching it's end. But I'm also happy for her, as she has reached the end and has achieved that which many of us strive for. She's lead the way, now it's for us to follow. As she is now prepared to spread her wings and fly beyond this little corner of Blogistan I'm sure that I speak for all of us when I say that I hope that you will continue to stop by our blogs and offer your words to us. I wish you the very best of whatever this life has to offer, you deserve it!


Dani xxx


Amy K. said...

Your post was very well said. All I have to say is:


To Veronica! *clink*

Melissa said...

Yes we do love her, and I share your feelings about her leaving, but life must go on. Very few enter transition, with the goal of living a transgender life. It's only natural, that as one completes their transition, and slowly assimilates into society as a woman or man, that they would drift away from the transgender world. We should bid them a fond farewell, and the best of luck in there new life.

Melissa XX