Friday, October 22, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Sorry, I just couldn't resist using that for a title! :-D

Just a short post about a very long subject. today I was engaged in the mundane, time consuming, annoying, and all too regular task of body hair removal and I thought, for the millionth time ''There's GOT to be a better way!''.

Yes, I know, laser, but that tends to be expensive and while it needs to be done sooner or later it's just not happening now. I've tried epilating but that's more time consuming than shaving and you never seem to get all of the hair. Nair NEVER works unless you leave it on long enough for a really nice chemical burn. Waxing works but you've got to let the hair grow out, as you do with all of the above, and OWWW!

Jill Paige had a post yesterday that mentioned Vaniqa, I know that's just for the face, but I think I'll look into that some more, every little bit helps! I've also seen infomercials about the No No hair removal system, that may be worth finding out more about. Supposedly, it uses a thermal tip to crystalize the hair and you don't even need to let it grow out! Oh, well, in the meanwhile, I guess I'll just have to buy more blades!

Dani xxx


Caroline said...

There are home IPL machines available now. I am sure they will only do a small patch at a time and you will need time and patience, they are not cheap but when you consider the costs of treatments...

I paid for IPL and the skin did not seem to suffer as much as laser. If they were available when I started I would give it a try and if you hate the hair as much as I did the time will not be a concern. You get to listen to all your music. Several times!

Caroline xxx

Melissa said...

I never shave anymore, because I can't stand the stubble the next day. I've given myself second degree burns on my chest and stomach using depilatory creams, so I don't like them either. That left epilating. Waxing is expensive and last no longer than using a home epilator, so I chose the epilator. It was a painful and tedious process at first, but now I only do it once or twice a week. In 30-45 minutes, I'm hair free. the regrowth is finer and less stubbly too.

I've seen the No No ads, but have yet to read any critical reviews. I won't trust it, until I hear a lot trans sisters raving about it. I once spent $100 on an RF home electrolysis unit that turned out to be a total hoax. The people who sold it scammed million out of unsuspecting customers, before the word got out that their machine was worthless.

Melissa XX

Dani said...

@ Caroline: Yes, I despise all the body hair, I always have! I can almost feel it growing back as I shave it! Shaving is also very hard on my skin so I don't do that as often as I really need to so I usually wind up with stubble that drives me nuts! Home IPL may be the way to go at least until I can find a better solution.

@ Melissa: I also threw away perfectly good money on a RF home electrolysis unit that didn't work. I've been pretty cautious ever since, which is why, like you, I won't spend the 150 bucks on the No No until I hear rave reviews from our trans sisters.

Dani xxx