Sunday, December 19, 2010

Now, the bad news

Okay, the Senate has passed DADT repeal 63 to 33 and Obama is anxiously waiting to sign it, yada, yada, yada.


Don't misunderstand me, this is truly great news for gay and lesbian members of our armed forces, who have been living under a cloud for far too long.

Now, the bad news.

That's all it is. No protection for trans service members, who will continue to suffer as they always have. No trans inclusive ENDA, either. Zero. Zilch. Goose eggs. Nada. Nothing for trans equality at even the most basic and fundemental level after 4 years of dem controled congress because useless POS's like Barney Frank, who are our ''allies'' are only too ready to sell us down the friggin' river at a moment's notice if there's any hint of them being given membership in the ''normal'' club. We keep hearing ''Don't worry, we'll come back for you'' from our gay and lesbian ''allies''. BULLSHIT! Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen! They told us that here in NH, just before they got marriage equality, then they fell dead silent as trans equality lost unanimously in a dem controled state senate!

In the great scheme of things, this repeal may cause more harm than good. The general public, already pivoting to the right, as we saw in Nov., is apt to be pushed even further there now. In the inevidable backlash, future legislative gains for GLBT, already made difficult at best, may now be impossible to achieve in our lifetime.

I'm not too sure that our military is the place to be experimenting with social engineering, anyway. We have a volunteer military, they CHOOSE to serve. It takes a sort of patriotisim that is largely confinded to those from rather conservative segments of our society to be willing to pick up a gun and blow people away for love of God and country. The vast majority may not be willing to serve with openly gay members. Retention and recruitment could become a very, very big problem very, very quickly. If the cost of DADT repeal turns out to be a return to the draft, then the price was too high.

Dani xxx


Melissa said...

I think the repeal of DADT is great news, and long overdue. As for the bigots in uniform, who don't want to serve with gay and lesbian troops, they will just have to get over it, in the same way that racist soldiers had to get over it, when President Truman integrated the Armed Forces. Soldiers don't get a vote on military policy, they follow orders, or they get drummed out. As long as the military maintains good leadership, repeal of DADT will work out fine. When the lead starts flying, no one cares about the sexuality of the soldier covering their back.

I don't blame Barney Frank or the Democratic majority for the failure of ENDA. When you don't have the votes to get all that you want, you take whatever you can get. The biggest impediment to progress in this country is the insane Senate 60 vote rule, that allows the minority party to put the kibosh on just about anything the majority wants to do.

Melissa XX

Anne said...

You are right, Melissa in not blaming Barney Frank. The votes were just not there and the main reason for that is that America is just not ready for chicks with dicks or dudes in dresses, hanging out in the Ladies Room.

Maybe YOU should just "get over it".

Your gay and lesbian buds got tossed under the bus, because YOU have a fetish about peeing in the ladies toilet. How "male" is that?