Sunday, June 26, 2011

''Resistance is futile''

Well, wouldn't you just know it?!? No sooner do I say that we are not part of some Borg Collective than the Borg Qveen herself (AKA: Common Teri) informs us that we've already been assimilated and we probably didn't even know it! Well, okay, I'm a big enough girl to admit it when I'm wrong, though I don't really recall being assimilated! This business of being a Borg does help explain a few things, though, and probably comes with a few perks:

1) Now you know where that voice in your head came from, you know, the one that told you to buy that really cute pair of slingbacks last week!

2) Borg are never alone. Hey, when was the last time that you saw just one Borg in Chili's on Saturday night!

3) You get to wear one of those really cool vinyl catsuits!

I wonder if I can get to be Seven of Nine? :-D

Dani xxx


Caroline said...

No! I want to be seven of nine!

Anonymous said...


Clearly, the official transgender borg collective wants everyone to be exactly the same.

We should all be 7 of 9!

Caroline said...


Carolyn Ann said...

My application was rejected. :-(

I wasn't assimilatable, apparently.

Leslie Ann said...

I guess I'm in, as I did actually buy slingbacks last week. Eerie!

Anonymous said...

Hummmm..voot joo mind carrying dees leetlte pakage, bac too zee hive?

Rhiann Christina said...

Did it immediately occur to anyone else the irony that as part of a campaign to convince us transsexuals that we're being assimilated into a transborg collective, rather than posting links to actual examples of that kind of "assimilative" (I've decided this is a word) attitude, she had to create it herself? It feels like someone trying to convince me that I should buy car insurance by taking a bat to my car.

I'm sorry, I just don't feel I'm being assimilated. I feel that someone is trying to get my blood up over nothing. I can think of one blogger recently who was attacking transsexuals by calling us little more than deluded transvestites, trying to convince us not to get medical treatment, and I think everyone agreed that that person was a shit, and I don't recall seeing that blog anywhere recently. Is there anything else?

P.S. I'm Seven of Nine