Thursday, January 13, 2011

Agent provocateur?

PHB is one of a number of fringe sites on both sides of the TG/TS divide that I usually stay well away from. Neither side of this ongoing flame war is ever going to win the arguement and while such things are sometimes an amusing distraction for those of us in the great middle it actually carries little relevance in our daily lives.

That having been said, it's been impossible to miss the latest battle, Sandeen vs Love, that's been burning through cyberspace. On the surface, it appears that Love made some statements that Sandeen found objectionable, to which she responded with a mean spirited four part hit piece that seems to be backfiring on her... or is it?

It makes me wonder, is Sandeen an agent provocateur? Was this, in fact, her intent all along? I would agree with what seems to be the majority opinion of Sandeen, that she's a bit mentally unbalanced, but I don't think that she's a fool. Could all of this have been meant to promote and advance Love and a new generation of TS activists to carry on the fight? Everything that Sandeen has ever said would lead me to say no, but you never can tell. Maybe?

Dani xxx


Natasha said...

I don't think anyone who puts themselves out there the way Sandeen does would be so altruistic as to shoot themselves for the benefit of someone else. I believe that she believes she is doing good work on behalf of all of us and I give her credit for that. It's not easy being a public target. But I also believe her ego is pretty big and she was hurt by something Love said and attacked.

This is all so counterproductive and doesn't get us any closer to where we need to be. There needs to be a new paradigm for how we interact and present our needs. The old one is crumbling.


Dani said...

Hi, Natasha! No, I don't really think that Sandeen would do that, either, if for no other reason than her ego. Then again, she's ex military and surely understands the concept of self sacrifice, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one, so it's not beyond all belief. Love does seem to be getting the attention of influential people both in the community and in the mainstream, and may be a very effective advocate for us in the coming years.

You're right, the division in the community isn't at all helpful, if we can't get on the same page, how on earth can we expect to get a coherent message out?!? We definately need new leaders because what we're doing now clearly isn't working!

Dani xxx