Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stuck in the mud

Hi, everyone! so what's new with me? To be honest, not much. My life, in general, sucks, it's going absolutely nowhere. It's kind of like being stuck in the mud, nothing's moving forward, nothing's going backwards, the tires are just spining.

No breaks yet on the job hunting front, more applications submited but the phone sits stubbornly silent. I'd really like to find a job that I could transition at but at this point anything that will pay the bills will do. If I need to change jobs later on down the road when I go full time so be it, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Financially, we're still holding on by a thread with what little money is coming in and we're constantly dead broke. Tax refund time can't get here soon enough, even though it's already spoken for. On top of everything else. we need a new car, something else to make job hunting that much harder.

The situation with the wife remains the same, nothing negative but no positive moves forward, either. In fact, my transition still isn't even a subject for conversation at the moment, nor should it be, with all the financial stuff on our plate at this time. All of this is very discouraging and depressing and is nearly enough to make me shrug my shoulders and just give up on everything, just curl up into a little ball and die. No, don't worry, I'm not thinking about suicide. A good cry from time to time helps, but that's a very short term release and after awhile you run out of tears. It may be just as well that I'm broke because it would probably be time to get good and falling down drunk.

Okay, enough of that! On a lighter note, another submission from the ''Are you f'ing kidding me?!?'' department: It seems that Nancy Pelosi, one of the people that are most responsible for the dems taking the worst electoral pounding in the last 75 years, has decided that her work isn't finished yet and now she wants to be House minority leader in the new Congress!!! This wicked witch evidentally won't be satisfied until the GOP has a super majority in both houses of Congress!!! Why on Earth do the voters keep sending this woman to Washington, anyway?!? Is it to try to keep her away from San Fransisco, or are they all on drugs?!? If the dems actually choose her to continue to lead them after Tuesday's debacle, it would make me seriously doubt their ability to lead this country in the future!

Dani xxx


Caroline said...

Hang in there and stay positive.

Progress can be slow, it can halt for a while waiting for more favourable conditions.

You have mad the largest step forward possible by being open and honest, that will take some time to sink in. Let time show that the real you is going to be a wonderful companion then when conditions improve you will be ready to move on.

Consolidation of you present position is most important.

Caroline xxx

Dani said...

Thank you, Caroline! I try to stay positive by telling myself that as long as I'm not losing ground that everything will work out in the end, unfortunately, that doesn't always work. For lack of any better ideas or any forward momentum, it's the best I've got to go on at the moment.

Dani xxx